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Interviews: Life Planning with Lori Deschene and Corbett Barr

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To bring you more inspiration about life passions and how to incorporate financial planning into your goals, I got in touch with two internet entrepreneurs.I wanted to chat with them about the same questions I recently discussed with Guy Kawasaki and Dan Schawbel.


Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha, one of my favorite websites for simple wisdom and how to apply it to my everyday life. However Lori does not consider Tiny Buddha to be hers, she believes it is ours, a place for people share stories, ideas, and inspiration.




Corbett Barr is an entrepreneur who decided to live an alternative lifestyle, and make his career work around his lifestyle.  His website, Think Traffic helps other entrepreneurs create online audiences and successful businesses.



Elizabeth: What is your ultimate life aspiration, have you achieved it?

Lori:  I don’t actually have an ultimate life aspiration. I do, however, have a series of intentions: to become stronger and wiser every day; to apply the lessons I’ve learned about happiness more often than not; to accept and love myself, even when I’m struggling; to be authentic, even when it feels vulnerable and scary; and to share my experiences honestly to really connect with others and start meaningful conversations. Since these are moment-to-moment choices, it’s not so much about achievement; it’s a lifetime practice.

Corbett: I want to live the richest, most fulfilling lifeВ I can, and help those around me do the same.


Elizabeth: How does planning play a role in achieving your dreams?

Lori: I have found that this requires a balance: planning for the future, but also maintaining a level of spontaneity and openness to possibility. I didn’t plan for many of the most amazing things that happened to me; I stumbled into them while working on other things I planned for.

Corbett: I’ve worked hard to create a stable financial position for myself so I can enjoy the freedom to choose what I want to work on and do.


Elizabeth: What advice do you have for others hoping to fulfill a life dream?

Lori: Be clear about what you want, but then commit to the process, not a specific outcome. Sometimes when we get attached to rigid goals, we close ourselves off to opportunities that could fulfill us even more than our original dreams. Things don’t always work out as we planned–sometimes they work out better.

Corbett: It’s OK to pursue things other people think are “unrealistic.” As Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do.”

Both Lori and Corbett offer great advice and it is clear that both of them are open to the idea of taking risks and working hard to achieve their dreams.

What is your main takeaway from Lori and Corbett?


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