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Book: Living the Life of Your Dreams

By: | on Sep 15 2011 | with 0 Comments in Goals

Are You Living Your Dream Life?

“Are You Living Your Dream Life?” – We’re not the only ones asking this question lately. Recently Bonnie Marcus with Forbes.com interviewed author Marilyn Tam on the topic. Marilyn’s book is all about helping people find balance in life and how we can turn dreams into reality. Her success as an author has brought her to live what she believes is her dream life.

It took a lot of courage and strength, but Marilyn was able to overcome boundaries and achieve her dreams. Below, a quote from Frobes on how Marilyn overcame what some considered, at one time,  impossible. Be sure to check out the full interview here.

“She overcame ‘glass ceilings and glass walls’ by encouraging and supporting the best of the people around her to achieve the highest interests of the company and the community. Her unlikely rise at a time when virtually no women, Asian Americans or persons of color were in corporate hierarchy made people want to know her recipe for success.”

What do you think you can do do to push yourself to achieve your dreams?


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