We take care of the heavy lifting

We took all the science out of the rocket, so you can focus on navigating. We host the rocket scientists - in our case, they prefer to be called economists or mathematicians.

  • First, we figured out how to distill complex financial information into friendly packages we call Live Events™.
  • Next, we made it possible to combine and manage them into your personal Life Plan™.
  • Then, we determined how to identity economic variables that affect your plan based on responses in your Personal Profile™.
  • Finally, we figured out the math to build reliable plan forecasts and let you know of any changes through our Plan Alerts™.

The result, the most flexible and cost effective solution in the market for personal financial planning, brought to you by the Life Dreams™ team.

A simple set of insights...

Our life aspirations are not just about retirement. We live much more interesting and complex lives. What about starting your own business, living half of the year abroad, or starting your own charity?

Most people do little or no planning. For the most part, its human nature to figure it out as we go. However, people need to know they are making progress or they get discouraged.

Most people do not have an economics degree. It takes a lot of effort and knowledge to come up with a plan - let alone keeping it up to date. However, we appreciate the certainty of knowing what's going on.

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